Thursday, February 23, 2012

Survivor 2 22 2012

We have been watching Survivor since the first episode.  We love it.  When it first came on we would be racing home from Blake baseball practice excited to see what what was going to happen in that episode.  In the beginning it was so new that people didn't have a clue what they were walking into. A few seasons in people figured it out and so they had to mix it up.

This year is different in that the tribes are on the same part of the island.  I was talking to Michael and we only recall the guys and girls being split one other time.  The girls make all women look like complete idiots. Monica one of the older wiser women said she is embarrassed for the women tribe and she should be.  It took her volunteering to show the girls the right way to do the challenge. Kat KILLED the girls team this week.  I can't believe they voted off Nina instead of the air headed Kat.

Do you watch Survivor? What do you think of this season?

Have an awesome Thursday.


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