Monday, February 27, 2012

Our trip to Tyler, Lindale and Mount Pleasant

Again, right after work on Friday we take off for Tyler, Texas.  It didn't really take that long to get there.  I think it was about 2 and half hours.  About as long as it takes us to get to central Texas. Blake's baseball team is playing Tyler Jr. College on Saturday Afternoon.  For some reason they had to play at a high school field. In Lindale about half and hour from Tyler Jr. College. Once we got to Tyler and to the hotel I called Blake to find out where the team is staying.  To my disappointment they are staying in Mount Pleasant. When we were in Poteau last weekend we asked if the team was coming to Texas on Friday but, Blake didn't know.  The coaches had not made up their mind if they were staying two nights in hotels or just one. They have to keep a tight hold on the budget which is understandable.  When Blake texted Michael Friday night that they were in Texas we both just figured they would be staying one night in Tyler and the next in Mount Pleasant. Obviously we thought wrong.  We were both disappointed that we did not get to see him Friday night.

Saturday we get up and head to Lindale and get in town about noon.  There was an electronic sign showing that Carl Albert and Tyler Jr. College were playing a double header at noon. This took us by surprise.  We thought we were getting in town an hour early because the schedule said the game started at one.  But, then again the schedule also showed that the game was in Tyler.  So, we get to Lindale High School and NO baseball fields anywhere near the school.  Lets just say it got a little bit tense in the truck! We ended up going to a convince store to find out where the fields were and we did not get to the field until the second inning. Sadly Blake never got to play in either game. Surprisingly he was OK with this.  He loves his team mates and wants the best for them and the team.  And to top it off  between the two games that little brat had to be told to come out of the dugout and speak to us.  Other kids came out and spoke to their parents but not Blake.  But, then again he never really has on game days.  Here we bring him a new bat, batting gloves and some shirts he ordered. Kids!  Blake's roommate Erick got to start pitching in the 2nd game.  My heart hurt for him.  His mom was at the game and the poor kid choked.  He walked the first 3 batters and had 2 balls and no strikes on the 4th batter when they pulled him. Up until today he has done great..  Not sure what happened.  I feel bad because he was so excited about staring while his mom got to see him.  But then, pitching can go like that sometimes.  I just wanted him to do so well.  He is such a great kid. The team ended up winning the first game and losing the second game.  Because we didn't get to eat as we planned before the game we headed to DQ after the game and then drove to Mount Pleasant.

The boys put their rally caps on for the second game.

Sunday we got up and got a bite to eat and head out to the game.  Blake didn't get in again.  We aren't quite sure why.  The left fielder had 3 errors at the very least and no bats were going.  Not sure why the coach didn't try to mix it up when the team was getting creamed.  But, that's not my call. We said a quck goodbye to Blake and headed home. 

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