Monday, February 20, 2012

Unexpected trip

As soon as I got home from work on Friday night we left to go shopping for bedding. The original place Michael wanted to go ended up being a huge dud.  While we were driving we saw a Bed Bath and Beyond and knew they had a quilt we both liked so we thought we would run in to see if the location we were by carried what we were looking for.  Neither of us had eaten and we were starving so we swung by Firehouse Subs.  It was the first time either of us had gone and it was really good. After we ate we headed on over to Bed Bath and Beyond and found the Texas country quilt and we love it.  We spent way more then we wanted to however, it will be with us for quite some time and it's the first comforter set we have not just settled for due to price. 

Before we went to Bed Bath and Beyond we stopped at Kirklands and found some fantastic frames  to put in the entry way. Right now I have a ton of pictures up but over the years I have put up frames that do not match. With the frames we picked out we will be able to put up a ton of pictures but in matching frames. Maybe, I will do a before and after photo and you guys tell me what you think. It will take a couple of weeks because we will be out of town next weekend and most of the time I don't get home until 6 or 7 PM and I'm just too tired to mess with pictures then.

As we were shopping Michael asked me if I wanted to go to Poteau to see Blake.  He had read my blog and knew how much I was missing Blake.  So,  we called Blake to see if he had plans.  When we got home we packed up as quickly as we could and Michael called the hotel to make sure we had a place to sleep. The down side was we did not get on the road until almost 10:30 PM.  On the way Michael got a little surprise.  In the form of red and blue flashing lights. That part of the trip we could have done without.  We do not get to Poteau at 3AM exhausted but excited to see Blake later in the day. So excited in fact we didn't get to sleep until 4AM because we were too busy chatting away.

We get up the next morning and take Blake out to brunch. While we are eating Michael tells him about the ticket. Blake laughs and says that he has been told by a former cop that those small towns give out tickets to anyone that is not from their town.  For instance he and his wife went through a small town and he tells her that cop right there is going to stop us on our way back through.  His wife laughed and said no he won't.  We aren't doing anything wrong.  When they were heading back Blake's friend said he made sure to be going 5-10 miles under the speed limit.  Sure enough, they got pulled over.  The police officer comes up and asks for his license and registration.  Blake's friend asked him what he did wrong and the officer to him he was going 10 miles over the speed limit. The guy says no I wasn't.  The cop said yes you were I clocked you. The guy says no you didn't.  I have a radar detector and it didn't go off.  Besides I was going at least 5 under the speed limit.  He then takes out his badge and showed the other cop he knew the game.  So obviously he didn't get a ticket.  Anyone else would be out of luck though. After we ate we let him go back to his dorm to get ready for his inner squad game and we go back to our hotel to rest before the game. Blake seems so happy here.  It sure makes it easier for us when we are home missing him knowing that at least he is happy.

The boys played this game where they throw two alls around and you have to be ready to catch it.  If you miss catching the ball that's strike one.  If you get to strike three you're out.  We were all laughing as much as the boys were.  It looked like a lot of fun. After a bit of warming up they started playing the baseball game.

Blake has been stuggling with batting for some reason.  When he was little his first baseball coach brought the team some nerds and told them that nerds make you hit better.  So, I brought him a box of nerds and sure enough he went two for three.  That put him in a great mood.  We know what he is capable of doing and he can hit the ball quite well.  He reminds me of a Rusty Greer kind of player.  He might not hit bombs but, he will get on and get the team RBI's (runners brought in).

After the game we took Blake out to a place called The Arena.  The head coach told Michael about it so we thought we would give it a try. We drive out to where we are told it is and find a gentleman's club and what looked like a huge barn right next to it out in the middle of nowhere. The barn ended up being the restaurant.  The food was good.  Where we were sitting there was an arena.  I guess there are times when a rodeo is going on. It was not going on Saturday night. After dinner we went back to the hotel and just relaxed and visited while we watched TV and pulled up random Youtube videos. I have figured out that it doesn't matter where we are.  As long as we are together it feels like home.

Sunday we got up and did Blake's laundry while he went to church.  We  went to a different laundry mat then the one we normally go to when we are there.  It didn't have a sign on it.  But, Blake told us it is nicer than the other one we used.  And it was. We learned that if you are not from Poteau you will miss out on some great stuff. Like awesome steak houses and laundry mats that are bigger and cleaner. I'm sure there are other things there that we will learn about soon.

About the time Blake got finished with church we were waiting on the last load of laundry to finish drying. Once it was finished we folded it and went to pick up Blake to take him out for a quick bite to eat.  After we ate we took Blake to Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries he needed. We filled up his truck and said our goodbyes.  It wasn't so bad saying goodbye this time because I know we will be seeing him next weekend.  The baseball team will be in Texas too play several games next weekend.

In one of the many little towns we go through on our trip there is a pub or bar or whatever named Jackie's Alibi.  We have been meaning to stop and get a picture since the first time we passed by it but it's always too late or we are to tired but Sunday we finally did it!  It was an absolutely beautiful day.

My original plan was to pose with either  my hands raised or with my finger of my lips like shush don't tell but, there were a ton of cars driving by and I got to embaressed to do anything.  Of course we had never seen that many cars there until this time. 

We enjoyed out time with Blake and it was thoughtful of Michael to suggest we go when we hadn't planned on going that weekend especially since we are going to see him next weekend.  But, it sure made this mama happy and did my heart good.

I hope you did something that made your weekend happy. Something that will help you get through Monday.  Unless you are one of the lucky ones like my husband who has tomorrow off.


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