Friday, February 24, 2012

On the Road again

We are heading to Tyler, Texas after work to finally get to see Blake play in a real game on Saturday late afternoon or early evening for two 7 inning games.  After the game in Tyler we will grab a bite to eat and head to Mount Pleasant, Texas for more games on Sunday. I am hoping he gets to play at least a little bit.  For some reason he is struggling at the plate.  Now I think he is over thinking it and adding to the pressure.  He needs to get out of his own head.  When we were in Poteau last weekend he had a couple of great solid hits. When the coach put him in on Tuesday he struck out. He said he was in front of it.  He does have a problem waiting if a pitcher doesn't throw hard. I am hoping with us there it will give him some confidence and he will get his mojo back.

On a completely different note. On Wednesday after work I finally got my eye exam. The last time I got an eye exam and new glasses was 2004. I went next door and picked out two pair of glasses.  The only problem is I have to wait until March 7th to pick them up. They had to special order my len's because of the astigmatism I have. I can't wait to be able to see clearly again. One pair of glasses I got the works.  The other pair I got the transition glasses.  I am so looking forward to having those for games and traveling.  I almost wish I would have just went with one pair with the transition.  Oh well,  It will only be 8 years before I get my next pair.  Not really. Well at least I hope I go before then.  With the insurance I have it didn't cost much at all.a

Did any of you watch American Idol this week?  Did any of the people you like get through?

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!



Holly said...

Reading this post has just reminded me that I really need to make an appointment for an eye exam this week too, I haven't been for ages!

Jackie Hall said...

Holly, You should go get your eyes checked out and get the new glasses. You will be so glad you did. I still have not gotten mine but am so looking forward to March 7th. Oh, wow I just realized that is my Aunt Debby's birthday. :-)