Monday, May 12, 2014

Finding ways to communicate

Now that my son is out of sports so am I! haha  I loved watching him play.  Did I get tired of it at times? You bet I did!  I think the very fist post on this site was how sick of basketball I was.  As Cher would say " If I could turn back time."

The only time I would not be at one of his games or tournaments for any of the sport he played is if I could not walk or someone passed away in our family. I honestly did try to enjoy every moment of him growing up.  Now I am trying to learn how to enjoy him being an adult.

I am trying to find a common ground.  So far our common ground is YouTube.  Yes, I said YouTube. I have been watching YouTube almost since it started. I have found myself watching so many family vlogs.  I think it is because it takes me back to when my son was little. All of the first are so fun to watch.  Each stage of life is fun.  Some are more difficult than others. I know it wasn't all sunshine and roses.  Although I do find myself remember thing that way.  I watch all kind of channels. We have a number of channels we each watch and will talk about that.  My husband is lost when we do this. He normally thinks it is one of our friends. We just tell him YouTube and he tunes us out.

Other than talking about things going on in our extended family I am out.  I have nothing I can think of to say.  I feel like it is awkward silence instead of that comfortable silence you.

If I am to be completely honest.  I have goggled how to deal with your adult pushing you away or drifting away or any other phrase I thought would get me an answer.

Maybe I need to get back into sports.  It isn't like I hate it. I do prefer going to the games then watching it on TV.  My husband would be thrilled if I started watching sports with him again.  Or at least be in the room with him reading a book or something.  If I did start watching sports again, I know I would be able to contribute to the conversation.

The reason I am panicking now is because he is back from college.  He is going to University of North Texas, so it's not like he was very far away.  We saw him a lot more this year then the two years he was going to Carl Albert. He was 5 hours away when he went to Carl Albert. He is only 30 to 45 minutes away from us now.

He started playing the electric guitar the second year he was going to Carl Albert and had been wanting an acoustic guitar since he got the electric.  We got him the acoustic guitar for Christmas.  He was so excited. I was joking around and told him I need to learn to play the electric guitar so that when he has kids they can say that their grandma is cool and plays electric guitar.  He seemed excited about that around Christmas time.  Maybe I will do that.  It can't hurt to try.  Even if I stink at it.  He can laugh at me.

I think it is time for me to get a hobby.  I want to learn to make scarves and doilies. To get back into crafting.  The only problem is my back. I need to find a comfy chair so I can be in the living room more and do projects in so I don't hurt myself.

Do any of you have suggestions on ways to connect?

Have a great Day!



Nolita Morgan said...

Painting, painting, painting. I like your idea of knitting or crocheting too. Love the idea of a musical instrument. I want to learn how to play the SITAR!! How cool would that be?

Jackie Hall said...

If anyone could I know it would be you. Whatever you set your mind to you accomplish! Look at your beautiful yard. You always are willing to try new things and do new things with your family. You are one increadable lady.