Friday, May 16, 2014

Heading to the Wildflower! Music & Arts Festival

As soon as I get off of work Friday we will be Heading to the Wildflower! Music & Arts Festival 2014 in Richardson. We have gone to this festival one other time but, it was a while ago.  This year there are tons of fantastic acts from the greatest generation ever.  The 80's!  Throw in a few hair bands and we would be on cloud nine.

There are a number of different stages through out the weekend. If you would like to see the full lineup of when and where the action is happening I have provided a link below.

Michael is getting off of work at 1:00 PM.  He has asked me to try to be ready to leave by 2:30 PM.  I am going to try to leave my office at 2:00 PM so I can just run by our house and pick him up for the journey to Richardson hopefully no later than 2:30 PM.  We are really trying to miss the Friday rush hour traffic. When you are in a big city on a Friday night trying to get any place is like herding a bunch of kittens. Every one wanting to go in their own direction regardless of where your neighbor is trying to go. Hopefully this will give us time to get to the hotel get setup and have a bite to eat before we head on over to the festival.

Friday night we will be at the Legacy Texas Bank Stage kicking it off at 6:30 PM we will be rocking out to Infinite Journey, the music of Journey.  If it was the same group as the last festival they were really good.  Then at 8:15 PM the real Loverboy band will be out on the stage showing us what they still have it.  I have never been to a Loverboy concert before.  Looking forward to seeing how much they have changed over the years. Rounding out the night at 10:00 PM with Kool & the Gang.

Saturday night I know we will be watching Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Cheap Trick.  Not sure what else we will be doing.  I leave that up to our entertainment director aka. Michael.

Sunday we will most likely sleep in if we can.  Jack Ingram plays at 4:45 PM and Lonestar plays at 6:45 PM.  I am not sure when Michael will want to head back home  We live around 39 miles from Richardson.  According to map quest it will take just under an hour to get home.

I hope to have pictures of the weekend and my opinion not only on the music but the art as well.  Michael is also looking forward to the tents with free stuff.  Because we NEED another pen or water bottle of small plastic cup that just takes up room in the cupboard.  Maybe I can get Michael to write a post of what he thought about this weekend.  If not I will try to get his opinions.

Have a great day!

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