Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was very nice.  The boys (my husband and son) were going to take me to see the movie God's Not Dead.  That is all I really wanted for Mothers Day but, I woke up with my back out.  So, my sweet husband went to Cotton Patch and picked up some yummy food.  They gave me cards with coupons in them.  My husband's card was a funny one with a coupon to get a mani, pedi whenever I would like. Michael and I are also going to a Wildflower Art and Music Festival next weekend.  Blake's card was way to mushie. In all of Blake's 22 years of life he has never once picked out a card like that.  It has always been a funny cards. For instance, I have received the card where it says something about getting mom tattooed on himself with a heart around it.  You open it up and the tattoo is on his behind! I have received that jewel twice!  So, I called them on the carpet about it. They tried to deny it but I told them I accidentally saw Michael bring the cards in. They still tried to say that they talked on the phone about it. HAHA NO WAY!!  Actually it's kind of funny with the issues of communication Blake and I have been having.

Over and above the dinner, cards and gifts my favorite part of the day is when I had a talk with Blake.  I asked him to be please be patient with me as I am learning to navigate this new way of parenting. He understood and has agreed to cut me some slack.  And I agreed to try not to overstep my boundaries.  I also agreed to not like or comment on any social media.  I understand. I know that is one of the main things that kids complain about.  The conversation made me feel so much better and we all had a lovely day together. I finally had to tap out and go to my room and lay down to get my back and neck to stop hurting.  I got to enjoy TCM. I love old movies! My guys were happy because they got to enjoy some of the shows they like that I don't.

All in all, it was a great weekend! I Hope those of you that are mothers had a Happy Mothers Day and the one's that are not had a wonderful weekend.

Have a great day!

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