Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Slowly making progress AND Unexpected Party!

I finally got smart and prayed about my situation with Blake.  I was so proud of myself when I found out he was going on a date.  and I didn't "grill" him for details about her or what they were going to do.  I actually told him you will tell me when you are ready. You have no idea how hard that was for me. He then gave me a little bit of information freely.

Maybe the key is to not push but to just sit back and let him know I am here for him if he needs or wants to talk about anything.  I feel so much better. I am not saying everything is perfect and this is the end of the communication barrier. I am just saying there was a little bit of success and that is all it takes to make this mama happy.

My best friends both have girls. One I have know since I was 7.  She has 2 girls and a boy.  The other I met when I was 20.  She has 3 girls.  They are told everything. That's just it.  Girls have a tenancy to want to chat about everything and guys tend to keep it bottled up.

Complete topic change!

It is Saturday night and Blake is long gone on his date.  My husband and I were talking and music started playing softly out of no where. It was so strange.  It was like the laptop just started playing music on it's own. Little by little it has gotten louder.  It is Spanish music. It is across the road in another town and we can hear the words to every song clearly with two TV's on. Well, I guess that isn't exactly true.  I don't speak Spanish.  I wish that I did.  Anyway,  the music started around 8 PM it is after.  Michael and I thought about going over and asking for food since we sere kind of part of the party anyway. Michael wanted to sit out in our back yard and ask to make one song request. One, 

Bowling For Soup's song No Hablo Inglés

I laugh at Michael because I know he is full of one liners and full of something else as well. After we finished talking and having a laugh about the party I watched a movie that finished around 10:30 PM and the party was still going strong. We are not sure what kind of celebration it is.  It could be so many thing.  Is it a mothers day celebration, a college graduations party, or could it be The Quinceañera or a wedding reception. We are marveling at how the neighbors next to them can deal with the noise.  The only thing I can think of is they were either invited or notified of what would to be going on this weekend. As I was wondering what the law was on playing music so loudly I noticed the music getting softer and softer. It is just before 11PM and the music has stopped.  I guess the party is over.  I can finally go to sleep!!

NOTE:  I was corrected when he got home. He was hanging out with with this young lady not dating her. No, I didn't quiz him.  But I did tell him "Next time you go on a date you need to wear a shirt with a collar on it."  That is when I got corrected. Thankfully it wasn't a landmine on our game of  Mind Sweep.

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