Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Confidence - Do you have it?

What gives people the confidence to go on a singing competition like The Voice or American Idol? What give these people the courage to stand up and sing in front of people?  Some with incredibly horrible voices and some with a voice of an angel.  How can the people with horrible voices not know they have horrible voices and yet others who sing so pure not know that they truly have a gift?

I know my limitations.  I know I can't sing and even if I could I don't know if I would have the courage to get up in front of anyone and belt it out. I am a person who prefers to be working behind the scenes. I don't mind working my tale off setting up and tearing things down in order for someone else to shine.  I actually enjoy it. But not everyone was born to be behind the scenes. Some folks were born to shine. Were you born to shine?  Or are you someone who likes to help out?  I honestly want to know.

One of the things I have loved about blogging and reading blogs is the interaction between the blogger and the commenter.  How friendships develop and a bond is created and yet you don't know this person in real life (or IRL). It is amazing how you can read about a persons life or thoughts and dreams and feel a connection with them.  I enjoy blogging because you can hear my voice and my thoughts but I don't have to be in front of people.  If there is a crowd I become very withdrawn. If I'm in a small group of people I can talk with the best of them. I don't know if I could ever go to a blogger convention and make myself get out of my comfort zone long enough to meet people.  I have a feeling I would got to the meetings and head back to my room until it was time to eat or go to  the next meeting. I admire people who are so out going that they can talk with anyone and everyone no matter the size of the crowd. Are you shy in a crowd?  Or are you one of the lucky ones who can shine no matter the situation?

As a parent I feel I have pulled Blake back and regret it. What I mean is when he was in sports we taught him not to be boastful, arrigant or cocky.  Which is great to a certain point but, I have learned that the guys who have swaggar are the ones who tend to stand out more.  Blake is and was as talented as these guys but because he didn't have the swaggar he was overlooked. Trust me, we know his limitations and we communicate the things he needs to work on to him.  We don't just fill his head with you are the best of the best you dont' need to work on anything.  For starters I don't know an athlete alive that doesn't need to work on something.  I don't care if they are little league or a professional.  So how do you teach your kids modesty with a bit of swagger thrown in?

Have a great Wednesday.


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