Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend update 3/20/2012

First let me just say that Michael is doing great.  He is a little gun shy on what he will eat but, that is understandable.  He has been sleeping so much better since he has been taking the medication the prescribed to him.  I hope when the meds are out that he will continue to feel well.

I didn't write a post most of the week because there just wasn't any going on.  I would get up go to work, work until 6:30 then go home and watch a few shows Michael and I like and it was time for bed. Get up the next morning and do it again. I didn't quite hit 50 hours so I'm not complaining.

Friday after work we headed to Poteau to visit Blake.  Saturday morning we got up early and went to have breakfast with Blake.  It was good seeing him.  He has lost so much weight.  All of that hard work last summer is gone. Blake said it was because they haven't been working out as much. Of course I had to tease him and ask, have you been taking drugs. It's kind of a family joke. I can't picture him taking drugs when he will not drink soda or at least not often.

After we had breakfast, Blake had to go get his uniform so Michael and I went back to the hotel room to relax before the game.  We listened to Tom Petty and each played on our own laptop. We are going to see Tom Petty in May so we are brushing up on his music. I got Michael the tickets for Valentines. He is always doing sweet thoughtful things for me I wanted to get him something he really wanted because he wouldn't buy them for himself. If Blake didn't have baseball I think I just might have been kicked to the curb.

We headed up to the baseball field to watch the games.  I got a sunburn for my efforts.  But not so bad that it's killing me.  It's uncomfortable to be sure.  After the games Blake had to go have cake and ice cream with the team.  The head coach was celebrating his 900th win and his family was there to celebrate along with the team.  He ended up getting his 900 and 901st win. Michael and I headed back to the hotel to wait for Blake to get finished with the celebration and get cleaned up.  When he finally called we took him out to dinner and then went back to the hotel room and watched some basketball.

Sunday Michael go up and did Blake laundry and let me sleep in. I had gotten up several times due to my back and was glad to be able to rest before the double header.  I spent the majority of both games in the truck.  I didn't want to aggravated my back anymore then it was.  After the games we headed to Fort Smith for dinner.  Again we came back to the hotel to watch more basketball. I know it's been a very exciting weekend!  Don't be jealous. haha

Monday wasn't very exciting.  We got up went to the game and drove back home.  But this time, I got to ride with Blake.  He is home for a few days.  Blake was so sweet and came and watched TV with me in my room.  I needed to lay down after all of those games and driving. We watched a couple of recorded shows and a movie.  After the movie he headed for bed. I am happy to have my boy home for a few days.

Have a great Tuesday!

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