Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness 2012

Do you get into March Madness?  I wouldn't say I really get into it.  I fill out a bracket most years  and put up my $5 not expecting to win. It's more out of fun. The first year I played at the office I think I came in 3rd out of almost 20 people. I work with a bunch of men so it was funny that I did so well. This year it is down to 5 of us playing. My bracket is busted. Has been since the beginning. I am a huge Texas fan and am an idiot every year and pick them to go to the championship. I know Texas has a bunch of freshmen but, I pick them just about every year. I know it's silly and I should give up loyalty when it comes to bracket play. Maybe next year. Well, I guess I better wait to see how they develop next year to make that decision. I was even dumb and picked Baylor to win it all this year. A Texas girl all the way.
It's kind of funny to go just about anywhere and hear people moan about their bracket being busted. With the two huge upsets last night where two #2 seeds were upset with a 15 seed. Crazy! That is one of the reasons I love sports. You just never know when an upset is going to happen. All it takes is an off day on a great team or arrogance of a great team and bam a team with nothing but heart comes in and rocks their world.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not a huge college basketball fan. But, when you have guys living in your house and you work with a bunch of guys you are going to hear about sports. After a while you just kind of know what teams normally do well. That and on the bracket they give the seed number along with their season record and then you just have fun with it. Poor Blake was not a happy camper when he heard about the upsets at breakfast. I have a feeling his bracket was busted along with a lot of other folks.
What are your thoughts? Or do you just wish everyone would shut up about it? Did you fill out a bracket this year?  If so how is it going for you?
Have a great Monday!

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