Saturday, August 1, 2015

Thinking about Blake and college

Blake is moved into a townhouse this weekend.  He has two room mates and each will have their own room.  Blake got lucky and ended up with the master bedroom that has a bathroom all to his self.  I don't recall if they drew straw or what.

He has shared a room with one of his room mates for the last year and a half of school.  His room mate also lived with us this summer.  Although he  stayed with various friends on occation.  He is a supper nice young man.

His other room mate I have not met yet.  I think Michael has met him a few times and I know I have heard the boys talk about him.  All good things.  Of course if they didn't care for him he wouldn't be shareing a place with them.

I can't believe Blake only has one year of college left.  That is if all goes according to plan.  It has taken him longer than the average bear to graduate college. 

 He went to Texas Weslyan his first year of college.  The first semester he wanted to majore in Computer Science.  The second semester he changed the degree to Kinesiology.   He decided on Texas Weslyan because they signed him in baseball in the Fall of his Sr. year in High School.  

This was Blake at the start of his Sr. year in High Scool
He looks like such a baby.

After his first year he decided he would rather move to another college.  That college ended up being Carol Albert in Poteau, Oklahoma.  You pronounce the name of the town like poe toe.  It was a very tiny town.  He decided to live 5 hours a way from his mama so he could play baseball.  Oh my word did it hurt everytime we would go see him.  I guess I can admit I was a little rediculous.  I would litterally sob as if I would never see him again.  That is how I really felt.  We had never been that far away from him for that length of time in his life.  The first time we left him I cried so hard and so much I fell asleep, woke up and cried some more until we got home.  It was horable.  As rediculous as it is, I would probably be the same way.  After 2 years he received his associates degree in Kinesiology.  It took him additional year to get his Associates because the classes he took at Texas Wesleyan basically didn't transfer.  Or very few did.  Texas Weslyan was basically a waste of time and money. Great school.  It was just a waste for Blake.  Carl Albert was a junior college so he had to move on to another college.  On the upside he was ready to move back to Texas.

He has changed quite a bit 
from the Fall of 2009 to the Fall of 2011

Fortunately for me he chose to go to the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.  It is only a half hour from our house.  He absolutly has loved going to this school. The only issue was when he started to go to school there he changed his degree  plan to Accounting.  He was so miserable.  I went up to him and told him I could see how miserable he was and asked if he wanted to change his degree plan again.  He said yes.  I told Blake that if he did change his degree plan that he needed to NOT think about what anyone else wanted for him.  I wanted him to really sit and think what would make him happy.  After a while he decided on Health Promotion.  There are a lot of various career paths you can take with a Health Promotion degree.  The good thing about that is it went along beautifully with his associates degree.  I think he will be very happy with his choice.  Once he starts school this fall it will be his last year of college.  His grades have been great.  He has only fail one class in college and that was Anatomy 1.  From what I understand that is a VERY hard class. Or at least from all the people I have talked to that had to take that course. Blake took Anatomy 1 and passed this summer and went ahead and took a couple of other classes he needs this summer and so far so good.

Blake is 22 in this picture.  I think it was in 2014

Blake is so very excited about his first place.  We were mean parents and made him live in the dorms until his final year of school.  I give him a hard time for growning up and moving out.  When he was little he promised me he would live with me forever.  The little brat is breaking a verbal contract. Can you believe that?

I will try to get some pictures of his new place.  If he will let me take pictures that is.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


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