Thursday, August 27, 2015

Balancing, Who need's it?

I am sure at some point I have mentioned that I have 5 herniated discs.  Three in my lower back and two plus bone spurring in my neck.  I went and got a CT for my neck all the way down my back and have not gotten a reading from my Dr. yet so as far as I know that is all.  When I see him again I will let you know what he has to say.  Trust me,  what I have is enough!

The day after I posted about the women that were asked to leave The Kessler, my lower back went out.  So I was out of work stuck in bed on Thursday and Friday and through the weekend.  I woke up on Monday and I couldn't move my right arm.  I have had it before and so I knew it was a nerve that was severely pinched in my neck shoulder area. On my word did that hurt.  So I was out of work Monday and Tuesday as well.  I was finally feeling great and ready to get back to work .  I woke up at 4 AM Wednesday to go to the bathroom.  On my was back to our room I lost my balance landed on my right foot and felt and heard three crunching sounds.  I couldn't stand or put any type of pressure on my foot so I knew something was wrong.  I knew it had to be my foot or my ankle.  When I finally hobbled my way back to our room my husband had gone to the other side of the house to use that bath room. Michael couldn't hear me so I had to call him and let him know I needed to go to the ER. The good thing is I already have a wheel chair so he loaded me up in it and we zoomed to Baylor Grapevine.  It was empty.  I don't think I have ever been to an ER that was empty no matter what time it was. Sorry if there was tmi.   At least I didn't fall on my bum!

They took x-rays and I was told I had an oblique fracture of such and such bone.  i.e. a broken ankle.   So they brought me one of those boots.  I got out of having to use crutches because I also have a walker with wheels and a seat.  Yes, I am a 90 yo in a 44 yo body.  After giving us the information to go see an Orthopedic Doctor I was released.  They wanted me to go see one to determine if I would need surgery, a hard cast or leave it in a boot.

So on this past Monday we go to the OD and I am thrilled to say I do not have to have surgery or a hard cast. He said I can even sleep with out the cast as long as I put it back on if I needed to get up for any reason.  My son and husband both vetoed that because they are worried about me so I just leave it off for a while then my husband puts it back on.

Here is a picture of my feet side by side after being back at work all day yesterday.  I have thrown in a shot by it's self.  I think it is a better shot of the two.  Please forgive the toe nails.  My husband was kind enough to attempt to remove the polish.

Well I will leave you with this delightful image. haha

Hope you all have a blessed day!


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Nolita Morgan said...

Oh my word! I am glad you are ok and I am with the guys on this. Keep the boot on and heal up completely and quickly. You are in my prayers, woman!