Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dallas women removed from- Lee Ann Womack Concert at The Kessler Theater.

This incident where a couple of women were removed from the Kessler.  Please note that this incident was a while ago.  I told you I would show you the video so here it is.


I am like the guys in this video and want  to know what being white has to do with her and her friend being asked to leave.  They were removed from the concert for disrupting peoples while the concert was going on.  I have no idea if either of these women know Lee Ann Womack but, if they do I have a feeling she would have been mortified when she saw this video.  Who would want a friend to come to your concert and talk loud enough that it would drive people crazy enough to get someone to remove them or ask them to be quiet.

Let me know what your take on the situation is.

Have a great day!


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