Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blake moves into a Townhouse

I have know for a while that Blake would be moving out and into a townhouse with a couple of his friends.  I guess in my mind since it was his Sr. and he has been moving out to go to school it would be like any other time.  Except it wasn't this time.

Friday morning rolls around and I go into his room to give him a hug and kiss goodbye.  I stopped in my tracks. As I walked into his room my breath was taken away.  There was no bed.  His room felt so very empty.  As I am giving him a hug he knows what is coming and he is hugging me back saying don't do it, don't do it as I begin to cry and I choke out, it's too late. We finish the hug and I give him a quick kiss and I am trying to get out of the house so I can try to breath again.  My heart hurt so much.  Yeah, I now how I was saying it was a bit ridiculous when I cry.  I can't help it.  This one really hurt.  How do you move pass this gaping hole in your heart.  We got rid of his childhood bed a year or so ago.  So both rooms that he grew up feel so empty.  Off and on through the day I would start to get choked up.  I called one of my best friend as I was heading to his place after work and asked how she handled it. It felt good just to talk to my childhood friend about it.

This is a picture of his room.  As you can see quite a bit of things are still there.  But in the corner of the right side of the picture, that is where his bed sat.  It is empty now.  That is how I felt when I saw it.

It is bitter sweet.  As much as my heart aches for him because he is growing up.  I am so very proud of him and can't wait to see what he does or accomplishes next.

This is his new room.  As you start to walk into his new room you see the culprit of my heart break.

This is when you walk into his room and go all the way to the far right.  That little door that is open goes to his little bath room.  And it is little.  That black shelf to the right is his first attempt at painting.  All of the furniture is black or brown.  The coffee table/TV stand is a combination of both.

This is a shot is when I stood by the little bathroom.  Blake was trying to get that shelf to match the desk.  There are three bed rooms and 2 bathrooms on the second floor.  Blake's is tiny.  Then the other two boys will share the larger bath room.  There is a 1/2 bath down stairs as well.

I only took one other picture.  I didn't want to be too intrusive. That is so you could be introduced to the other two young men that will be living at the townhouse with him.

Blake is all the way to the left, Nick is in the middle
 and Gavin is all the way on the right.  

Each boy brought a love seat to sit on and they have a big screen TV in the living room.  Each of them have a nice TV in each of their rooms as well.

If you look to the right that is the entrance to dinning room.  The kitchen is to the right and the dinning room to the left.  The washer and dryer are in a nice size room on the right side.  It has a door so they an keep the  mess at bay.  The doors you see go to the back yard.  It is mostly a huge tree with the roots exposed and enough room for them to grill and have a few friends over.

The upside is on our way home Michael took me to the best hole in the wall Mexican restaurant I have ever eaten at.  I can't wait to go eat there again.

Here is to the next adventure of being an empty nester.

Hope you all have a very blessed day!


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Nolita Morgan said...

Awwww. I hope you are feeling better about his moving out. Can't believe he's a senior already!