Friday, April 14, 2017

Insurance Frustrations and Cali Girl

I don't know what it is with insurance companies telling a Dr. what they can and can't prescribe.  There have been a number of people in my firm that have had to fight to get the medication they were prescribed by their Doctor.  I have been dealing with this myself.  It is beyond frustrating.  Especially if you finally find something that works perfect for you or a family member and the insurance company say no.  OK  that is enough venting for the moment.

Now we can talk about something fun.  My Cali Girl.

We have had our Cali girl for just over a week and we LOVE her. She loves cuddles.  It is a bit interesting trying to cuddle a 40 pound dog versus a 15 pound dog.  I could hold Maverick like a baby.  Poor Cali's head is huge.  But she loves to lay it on me.  I love it too.

Cali loves to play with this cute yellow toy I got her.  One morning I was sleeping and she brought it to me to play tug of war.  I couldn't resist playing with her. The guys and get Cali really wound up.  It is so funny to watch her run all over and jump on the bed and back down.  If i am on the bed it is a bit frightening to see this big dog coming at me.  When Maverick ran into me it wasn't quite as painful.

Cali doesn't like to get into trouble.  She puts her head down and comes to and wants to be loved on and reassured we still love her.  This happens when she went poo in our living room and then again when he got a paper towel out of the trash. We didn't spank her or anything like that.  We just used a stern voice and told her no no Cali!  That is a bad girl!

Over all Cali is a precious, loving, busy and playful girl.  God put her in our house and I am beyond thankful!

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