Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cali - The Jack Russell Terrier Lab Mix

Our pup passed away the day after Christmas last year.  Maverick was almost 16 years old. She was the sweetest baby girl.  It has been hard not having her with us. I still get choked up when I think about her or talk about her.  I loved her so much and can't even begin to tell you how much I miss her.

Since we have been missing the companionship of a dog since Maverick passed away.  My husband and I agreed we would wait until we got back from the cruise to get a dog.  Apparently my husband has been looking at dogs and trying to find the right fit for us.  Lucky for us he did find the perfect dog for us.  Her name is Cali.  Cali is a jack Russell Terrier Lab mix. Cali is a year and a half and she is already fixed AND potty trained.  She really sounds like a wonderful little girl.  We spoke to the lady that is needing to re-home Cali last night for quite a while.  We get to go meet Cali tonight and if we would like,she said we could bring Cali home.  I am so very excited.  I miss the love and companionship of Maverick so much that I can't wait to give Cali all of the love and attention we have been holding  since late December.

As soon as we get her I will take a picture and post it here.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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