Monday, January 23, 2012

Things we did for our 22nd Anniversary weekend

Friday was Michael's and my 22nd wedding anniversary.  When you are with the perfect person it doesn't seem that long.  Well until you think of ALL the things you have gone through together to bring us closer. March 1 we will be together 26 years.

Friday we went to dinner we thought early.  Well apparently everyone and their mother thought going to Red Lobster was the perfect thing to do on Friday.  So we skipped that and tried at couple of other places. I guess we are old and for got that Friday is just not the best night to go out and NOT expect a wait of some kind.  We finally stopped at Best Buy on our travels so we could buy a cover for the Kindle Fire they bought me.  We finally found a place to eat.  If you have not had Red Hot and Blue Bar-B-Q then you have NOT had bar-b-q. We always forget about it.  I have no idea why.  I think I associate it with wine and rib days at the office.  But, it's been a while even for that. 

Saturday we went to see my granny Howard.  That is my dad's mom.  She is 90 years old and is as tiny as they come.  She would always say she was 4 feet 11 1/2 inches.  That half inch was ALWAYS important to her.  My uncle and his wife had to put granny in the nursing home last week.  For her safety and theirs.  They have had her in their home for the last 15 years and she has just gotten to where it is dangerous for all of them. When we first got to the nursing home she was well rested and remembered us and was happy to see us and insisted on hugs from everyone. It was precious.  After a bit our uncle wanted to take us to a late lunch.  If anyone is in or the Copperas Cove are they have to go to Mel's.  They have the best burgers I have ever put in my mouth. It was the wheat bun.  It was sweet.  I literally said ummm for the first 15 bites and had to make myself stop because it had to be annoying!  As the day went on granny started getting confused Michael made her nervous because she thought he was someone else.  So he went to the waiting area while I visited with granny.  She was tired but didn't want me to leave.  She was confused and scared and kept asking when she would get to go home. We just went down for the day.  I was afraid I might not get to see her again before she passes.  It was 3 hours down and 3 hours back.  But, worth it!  The pain in my back and legs will go away or at least can be managed. Getting to see my granny and take her pink roses and a burger and fries because she wanted them and was starving! Can never be replaced or regretted.

Sunday we were supposed to go have dinner with Amy and her family and let the guys watch the game.  She new we might need to rest after the round trip and that is exactly what ended up happening.

Next weekend we are going to Poteau, OK to see Blake before the baseball games start. Blake will have practice but, this is the last chance we will have to really visit with him before the games start.  Once they do we plan on going to see as many games as we are able but will not get to really visit with Blake.  We will get to say hi (maybe) and bye before he heads to the bus.  That will go on until at least May.  On the upside.  The day we had dad's funeral Blake received a call from his coach telling him he got a scholarship for this semester.  Everything will be paid for.  They only thing we have to do is put down a $75 book deposit.  THANK YOU JESUS! It was nice for something good to come of all of the sad.  I hope to write about all of what happened soon.  It is still a very raw subject.

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!

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Nolita said...

Wonderful news on the scholarship! Have fun in Poteau and enjoy visiting with Blake!