Thursday, January 18, 2007

God is good

When I got home last night Blake was mad at me and his dad because we would not let him go out in the bad weather while we were at work. He said we are treating him like a 10 year old. Michael tried to explain to him that if he got hurt no one would be around to help him. Of course Blake smiled and said "Oh I understand now! Y'all really love me and are looking out for my best interest"..... NOT! The great thing is no matter how mad he is I can get him to smile. Of course this make him madder and he hates the fact that I can do this but I LOVE IT!!!!! Yes I know I deserve the mom of the year award for that alone. Of course I was very sympathetic to him and said get in the kitchen I'm teaching you how to make grilled chesse tonight. Blake really like my grilled cheese sandwiches and asked me to teach him how to make them. So last night even though he was still ticked I taught him how. He did great. He didn't burn one!!! Which of course ticked me off because I always manage to burn at least one! By the time we finished cooking and Michael got home it was time for American Idol. The three of us had some good laughs. I have to admit I can't carry a tune in a bucket. I would also like to mention I'm not dumb/brave enough to go and stand in line for hours on end to have Simon and the others give me a clue. At some point during the laughter Blake comes over and gives me the alloted 4 kisses. I like to think it is because he is such a sweet and loving child and that he LOVES his mama so much that he just could not contain himself but I know better. I looked/glared at him and said you did that go get it over with didn't you. In which he smiled and replied "YEP!" The little BRAT!

I'm happy to report that I was called earlier and found out the trip to Midland and Lubbock have been called off. Let me tell you traveling 6+ hours to watch 2 basketball games on my anniversary weekend was not really what I wanted to do. So I'm thinking woooooohoooooooo!!!! Then I was hit upside the head with... the freshman have a game tonight the boys will want to play in and they also have a game saturday. DANG! So close! Of course being the wonderful mom I am I will be in the stands cheering. Oh well I know I will miss it and him when he is grown and out of my life so I will just try to remember that and enjoy the time I have left with him.

Have a happy, safe and warm day!


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